Delete AMPK

Here you can remove your music from Museboat Live 24/7 rotation and music shows.
This action will result in deletion of all available artist´s data including related files (mp3, jpg, etc).
If you just want to update some details in your AMPK, please, follow this link.

You must verify the contact details and e-mail address from which the music submission was made.
If you no longer use your former submission email, you will have to provide us with other credible evidence that you are entitled to perform this action. (Confirmation from your Facebook or Reverbnation).

I declare I have rights to delete artist details and songs from Museboat Live 24/7 rotation and music shows.

"By sending sending this request to Museboat Live, I agree that Museboat Live will delete all of my songs and cover pictures in the upcoming two weeks.
I declare to do so in my own name. I am aware of the fact that untrue details in this request form might result in banning my email address and IP address from Museboat Live and all affiliate websites and may result in legal actions against me."

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