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Wonderlove’s style has always been grounded in rock ‘n roll, while also encompassing many of the influences and offshoots: psychedelic, progressive, gospel, R&B - all of these are welcome. The tight interaction of Dicki Fliszar (drums) and Dave Beste (bass, classical guitar) gives the foundation for the wall of sound generated by Jesse Nason (keys), Bryan McIntyre (guitar), and Chris Paul Overall (vocals). Their first album, “Getting Off the Revolution”, captured this lineup in their nascent form, with the last song on the album being the only one the band had rehearsed before recording. They quickly began working on their second album, “My Submarine”, which featured intense arrangements honed from live performances. This album also brought them attention from the larger rock music scene, garnering them 4 music awards, a hit radio single and gushing praise from critics and fans alike. But then, quite unexpectedly, it was over.

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