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Everything's already said about Grunge, right? The guitars roar raw and unpolished in the tradition of the old heroes. A little bit of drop D, a bit of teenage angst, weltschmerz and a lot of anthemic, energetic rock. This sometimes reminds of the sound somewhere between Pearl Jam or Alice in Chains, but without being just epigonic post-whatever. Emotional lyrics, dynamic songs full of blood, sweat and tears bring the grunge out of the 90s and carry it on to infinity and much further! Shortly after the first EP was released, the songs were rotated on numerous radios in Germany, the USA and UK. Now the long-awaited full-length album “Squirrels On A Plane” with fifteen brand new grunge rockers for the old and new fans follows. Grunge is not dead! Here comes the Ueber-Grunge from Nuremberg.

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