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Rick Rutherford is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, composer and producer based in Colorado. Nevertheless, his cosmopolitan past has taken him all over the USA. He was raised on the east coast of Florida and spent time living in the upper pacific northwest near Seattle. Musically, ‘Rutherford’ specialises in rock n roll with a twist of southern rock and metal. His music is feel good, and his infectious hooks get the foot tapping. Lyrically, ‘Rutherford’ writes about real-life issues, and he bases his poetry on personal experiences. Since, growing up, ‘Rutherford’ has found influence in some of the worlds most notable names, including The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. Also, he has a strong admiration for blues player, Robert Johnson. Combining his influences and his own vision into one, he has crafted a sound that you will struggle to locate elsewhere.

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