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Henry Mittnacht was born in 1964 in Heidelberg, Germany. The musician, who continues to perform live on stage yearly since 1979, still remembers the exact moment when his passion for music took root inside of him. My parents gave me a radio recorder as a present for Christmas when I was 10 years old which made me incredibly happy. Looking back on it, I am very grateful to my parents for it. Henry took a break from the band STATEMENT back in 2005 but his passion for writing, playing, and record his own songs is still going strong to this day. He also now counts Jellyfish, Fall out Boy, John Mayer, the guitarist Phil X, James Bay, The Script, and Red Hot Chili Peppers as newer sources of inspiration. The unbridled passion for music Henry Mittnacht, aka "docmidnite" possesses has led him to seek more musical collaborations online through the Musician Collaboration Studio and on Kompoz where he is an invaluable asset helping different artists all around the world to release their albums contributing as either a sideman, guitarist, backup vocalist, or musical arranger.

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