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Otoño is a project that was started by two guitarists, Eldred and Bangulo, in 2003. In the early years of Otoño , these two friends would jam to their favorite metal bands as teenagers such as Metallica, Slayer, and Diamond Head. After several years of jamming and having various line-ups that were unsuccessful, in 2008 they finally found their third member, Angel (bassist/vocalist). With more mature musical influences, the band finally found their own unique sound which can only be described as a fusion of death, black, and thrash metal with progressive elements. With a new member and a more focused musical aspiration, Otoño decided to record their debut album called “Ghosts of Smoke” (2008) which showcases the band’s body of work from their early days up to the present. Otoño’s diverse musical influences are reflected in this album. It is comprised of 11 tracks that consist of several instrumentals, some soft ambient sections, a thrashy track, and a good deal of brutal death metal songs. Currently, Otoño resides in Hollister, California and spends their time playing live shows and working on their next album.

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