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Propelled by powerful drums, rich acoustic textures and gritty guitar, Littlemen are sure to bring you the authentic roots of Americana music, from the heart of the UK. Why do we listen to music? Individually, the scientific explanation is that music produces chemical changes in the brain’s limbic and paralimbic areas. These are the areas associated with our euphoric response system. Simply, we like the way it makes us feel. Good music can produce a smile on the face, a tear in the eye or just about any response. Collectively, it can change the world. Littlemen continue to develop; still crafted in Wiltshire and striving to put that smile on your face or tear in your eye. Fans of Littlemen’s live show will know that there was always an ‘invisible’, non performing, fifth member of the band, Nick Allen, who wrote most of the songs. Now, doing what many thought inevitable, he has taken on the role that will see him perform on stage, lead singer of the band. Joining Nick from the original line up will be Rob Brian on Drums and new members Guy Townley on Lead Guitar, Mark Griffin on Rhythm Guitar and Tyler Spicer on Bass. The band will often be augmented with various guest musicians and vocalists. Together they will enhance Littlemen’s original musicality, with an increasing emphasis on guitar-based Americana. The versatility and virtuosity in the band has encouraged the players to expand in to other genres, all equally at home with the classic Littlemen sound. It is an exciting time for Littlemen.

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