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Wolf, songwriter (music and lyrics), front man and acoustic guitar started around on 2011. He worked with some arrangers starting to learn how to arrange and how to work in a recording studio. At the same time he studied movie direction, shooting techniques, how to write subjects and film-scripts, editing and post production. After around 3 years Wolf met The Eye who joined the band taking care about website, graphics and merchandising: The Eye of what there is behind. After around another 2 years Wolf met The Wizard who joined the band as arranger, sound technician and keyboards: The Wizard of the Sound. Wolf and The Wizard studied for around 1 year the sound of the band: not the arrangement of the first song but the sound that the Kill The Beast Band had to have. The Kill The Beast Band has been launched after around 8 years of tough work: they are on the market since 2018. Now they are a Rock Band & Record Label connecting Music and Cinema: for each song they have a cover and a video mini-movie style. Every song is a single, they don’t make any song just to fulfill a CD. They believe in both Music and Contents: Rock '70-'80 style (A Wall of Sound!) with lyrics speaking about true life. "

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