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Raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Geary Nelson was tutored by his father Alfred Nelson, who was a country singer, and before long Geary had his own band and played local clubs in the Chicago area. Geary’s Band called the Panik won competitions, was signed by a Chicago Record Label, performed on local and network TV and toured some in his youth. Geary Plays Multiple Instruments. Geary has been playing music since he was a young boy, for this reason over the years Geary was able to instruct himself on how to play other instruments, Geary plays Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums and Keyboards, with the exception of some occasional keyboard performances by his wife Peggy on song recordings. Geary sings all the Lead Vocals, and Backup Vocals, does all his own arrangements, along with writing the Music and Lyrics of ALL his songs. Geary started writing songs at 14 years old. Geary wrote his first song at the age 14 with friend and fellow band member Doug Akers, together they wrote a song called “Lonely Boy” and from that point forward Geary has been writing music on a consistent basis. Quote: I love to write songs that have interesting melodies and rhythms, I try to focus on what sounds interesting or catchy as they would say, so I spend a lot of time in my home studio working on writing, arranging and mastering my songs” Geary finished his first CD “Continues to Burn” in June of 2016, and his second CD titled “Disguise in Your Eyes” was released in the fall of 2018. Geary Nelson Today. As a singer and performer, Geary continues to perform on stage locally with his touring band called Rockin’ Roads with band members, Phil Kilmer Drums Peggy Nelson Keyboards. Geary and the Band travel some during the summer and perform at Festivals. When Geary performs they do a mixture of his songs, and Classic Rock. As a songwriter Geary stated, my goal is to have other singers or bands perform my songs Geary has a large catalog of unpublished songs that he would love to have other artists perform.

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