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Elemento Zero EZ: alternative rock band formed in 2011, a duo that uses electronic drums, guitars and basses striking in his compositions. His references go through Joy Division, My Bloody Valentine, Placebo, The Jesus And Mary Chain , The Kills , Queens Of The Stone Age and The Raveonettes. The Duo is from Brazil and a fact that draws attention is that they use guitars and basses made ​​by Bass Fábio who signs his work as Luthier Custom Guitars Club. Fabio is former bassist for the band Terrorturbo. Schiffler and Fabio have played in several bands, including already had a previous project together. Today is dedicated to Elemento Zero -EZ . Members Element Zero -EZ Schiffler (Marcelo) - vocals , guitar, Keybords and drum programming Fábio de Souza – Bass and drum programming.

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