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Dead City Ruins are 5 young men from Croydon, Melbourne, Australia, and they play Rock ‘n’ Roll like their lives depend on it. If you can imagine Black Sabbath, Early 80’s Iron Maiden and Phil Lynott era Thin Lizzy, thrown in a blender alongside antipodean grit, sweat and a fountain of beers, you’re getting close to the in your face, high energy live show delivered at brain splitting decibels these guys produce. DCR was formed in 2010, when Lead Singer Jake Wiffen arrived home from UK. Disillusioned with the lack of commitment and work ethic many of his musical peers in the British Isles, but inspired by the vibrant Pan-European Rock and Metal scene, He set out on a mission to secure a lineup with the kind of musical DNA the Southern Hemisphere is renown for. "

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