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The Biff are a group of the province of Bologna that sees the beginning of the project in 2004 and then get to the real training in 2010. The Biffs are born from the union of Daniele Biffi (voice, bass, former member of the Abighor, famous band Power Prog Metal bolognese), Serena Ghinazzi (vocals), William Salvadori (guitar), Andrea Perrotti (guitar) and Eros Lolli (drums). The members of the group were formed mainly in the hard & metal Bolognese environment, some passing also for the dance of the 80s and the post 70s. With the various previous collaborations and years spent in different musical scenes, today the band has a wide and varied range of influences, from Metallica to Beethoven, through Depeche Mode, Quinto Rigo, Billy Joel, Rammstein, Alter Bridge and R.J. God. A good live experience behind them, they play in many places between the provinces of Bologna, Pisa and Modena, they perform in clubs, festivals and even in a tool shed: among the most important participations in their career we find the ApeRock of S. Giovanni in Persiceto (2011), the Talent show festival (2012) and the special Miss Italia evening from San Felice sul Panaro on the occasion of the post-earthquake (2012).


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