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Although most people like to say that they are a “New and Upcoming Artist”, this would not hold true for Benjamin Thomas. This music is the accumulation of many years’ experience in life and in the music business. So, the only thing new about this endeavor is the direction of the Music. This project is designed to bring more of an awareness to the hurts people experience and to lead Those hurt people in a direction that would bring forth a healing. The songs are not religious but they do speak about God, and His need to heal and deliver His people. It is personal, as the artist himself has been down a road of pain and heartache that brought him to the point of a need for deliverance. Deliverance from a world that has no need for the homeless, Helpless, or the castaway. Deliverance from a world that has become so selfish it cannot recognize The need any more for a Savior. This is only a tool that will be used to further a ministry to help those in the darkness walk into His marvelous light and live the life they were created to live. One filled with Righteousness, Peace And Joy.

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