Create completely new podcast or convert your existing one into great music show with airtime slot
in the most lucrative time just by helping us to share a small part of our operational expenses.

About MuseboatCast

MuseboatCast is donationware online system for podcasters bringing comprehensive publishing, distribution, analytics, and sharing tools. Without having any programming knowledge you can run your podcast and get airplay slot on Museboat Live channel available worldwide.

If you already have a podcast on any podcasting system you can place all your podcast epizodes to your Podcast Show Promotion Kit and on your podcast website as well.

No matter what donation amount you choose, podcast promotion kit will stay online with all your episode updates and full social media support throughout the year.

We have no intention to get rich with this project.
Our aim is to find the most effective ways of music promotion and airplay in podcast shows belongs to one of them for sure.

Here are some real pros on this project:

- funny low entering fee
- huge social media and online promotion
- videocasting included
- podcast show page with many promotional tools
- privat zone access with comprehensive stats
- podcast show airplay on Museboat Live channel at the time selected by you
- exclusive music player with various music styles in the private zone
  (to listen to and to select the best songs for the show)
- embedable media promotion kit valid for a whole year or even longer
  (for featured podcasters)
- super-easy recording and audio editing online studio for your new podcasts
- chatroom for your podcast listeners
  (private chatroom for featured podcasters)
- enhanced promotion on Museboat Live pages and audio players
- multiple ways of podcast monetizing (at one contribution)
- free 14 day trial (and promotion kit online FOR A WHOLE YEAR)

Still not enough?
Well, then join our team and get an access to revenue sharing program
to earn a percentage split from all MuseboatCast revenues ;-)

  Podcast show website page on Museboat Live*    Website DEMO
Place for podcasters  Podcast show airplay slot on Museboat Live channel
Place for podcasters  Podcast Show Promotion Kit (PSPK) with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and website links
Place for podcasters  Podcast player (embedable option from any podcast system, e.g. Soundcloud)
Place for podcasters  Chatroom for podcast show host, listeners, artists and friends
Place for podcasters  Access to Museboat Live catalogue of songs for airplay in the podcast (without download)
Place for podcasters  Unlimited epizodes per week in PSPK (dependant on embeddable player)
Place for podcasters  Feedback / Inquiry / Interview request form (without disclosing email address)
Place for podcasters  Podcast show Executive Producer Support - option to get sponsors for the show
Place for podcasters  Monetization with Donation button redirected to your PayPal**
Place for podcasters  Monetization with Patreon button**
Place for podcasters  Monetization with in-show advertisement**
Place for podcasters  Revenue Sharing Program membership (Coming soon)
Place for podcasters  Donor Agent position - another way how to get donations for the show
Place for podcasters  Contests, polls, surveys on podcast show website
Place for podcasters  Featuring on Museboat Live home page
Place for podcasters  Private Zone access with statistics, recording tool, tutorials and other information
Place for podcasters  Up to 500MB space for your podcasts monthly
Place for podcasters  Unlimited bandwidth
Place for podcasters  Online podcast studio for recording and editing
Place for podcasters  Advanced media promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and others
Place for podcasters  Audio infospot about podcast show and upcoming epizodes
Place for podcasters  Opportunity to join Museboat team as a maintime show host

*  Valid for costs-sharing donation for the whole month.
** Museboat does not take any split from your monetizing.

To find more details about MuseboatCast, read frequently asked questions.

Submit Podcast Show

Creating your podcast show will help not only you but also artists with
high-level support of fantastic music from around the world and, eventually,
us with keeping us operational.

Every accepted podcast show host will get podcast show promotion kit (PSPK).

We are bringing a cooperative work model, where hosts are expected to contribute any donation amount to the channel sent to our PayPal email.
This contribution may be offset by participating as a Donor Agent to reduce donation dues.

Every podcaster can apply for pre-release revenue sharing program membership with 50% of overall net revenues from advertising or shopping impressions (video, audio, banner ads and sold affiliate shop items).

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