Museboat Musies Award

Terms Of Participation

MUSEBOAT MUSIES AWARD - Terms Of Participation

These terms of participation (the Award Terms) set out the eligibility conditions for applying for The Museboat Musies Award as described in more detail below. The Awards are organized by Museboat Live Channel, Promoter of the best music with its own broadcast, accessible worldwide for free (Award Announcer). By submitting music for airplay on Museboat Live channel, artists agree to participate in the Awards under these Award Terms with the Organizers, and agree to be bound by these Award Terms. If the artists are not interested in participating in the competition, they can withdraw from the competition by sending a written notification to the official Museboat Live channel email address. These Award Terms govern the administration of the Awards.

1. Awards

a) With the Awards, Award Announcer wishes to identify and recognize the best 25 songs Top played on Museboat Live Channel during a year with lyrics in English, minimum length of one verse.
b) An important purpose of the contest is to spread worldwide awareness of amazing artists and their music through the Museboat Live channel, to which the following contest rules are adapted.
c) The Contest is in no way a source of profit, and all Donor Contributions have only a modest influence on the selection of winners as set forth below.
d) No entry fee is required to enter songs into the competition.
f) Award Announcers also award a bonus prize in the MOST PRECIOUS SUPPORTER category for the invaluable support of selected supporters with the highest voluntary contributions, as well as the JURY PRIZE for the most admirable musical act in the respective year.
g) If the current financial situation of the channel allows it, the Award Announcer will reward the winners with physical prizes in addition to digital certificates, the nature, shape and size of which will be published on the official website of the contest.
h) Three the Award Participants will be selected from each of the SONG OF THE YEAR category as a winner and will be announced on Wednesdays at the beginning of the specific ROUND of the Award show.

2. Key dates for the Awards

a) Songs for the Awards (Award Applications) can be nominated right after the official announcement of the competition on the Museboat website and relevant social networks (Meta, X) by the end of October.
b) New Award Applications will only be accepted until the end of ROUND 2 of the competition which means the start of ROUND 3 next Wednesday, 10pm London time.
c) In exceptional cases, it is possible to grant an exception in the case of a specific request of the General Executive Producer of the annual Gala show. Acceptance of such a request does not guarantee success in the competition nor does it in any way prioritize the current ranking of the most listened to songs, except for the extraordinary addition of votes in accordance with the conditions of the competition listed below.
d) the Award Top 100 Playlist will be publicly announced every Thursday at Museboat Live official Award website.
e) The Winners will be announced in a Museboat Musies Award Gala Show in December.

3. Criteria for selecting the the Award Top 100 Playlist and category Winners

a) Award Applications are issued automatically based on the number of song plays during the year, requests for plays, active participation in the chatroom as well as based on song requests from Museboat channel listeners.
b) Only songs from the Museboat channel's song catalog can be nominated for the competition.
c) Museboat Live channel listeners can also nominate songs not included in the starting list using the form, which they can find a link to on the competition page.
d) Each selected participant (Award Participant) can only have one song in the competition. This rule does not apply if the composition in the competition is the work of several artists under a different specific name of the musical work or project. Such work must have separate promotional tools such as an official website, a page on social networks, original cover art and the like.
e) Among all the nominated songs for the competition, the 100 best songs will be gradually selected during five separate rounds of the competition, taking place during November and December on predetermined dates (the Award Top 100 Playlist).

After fulfilling the Basic Conditions, all nominated songs will be placed in the competition playlist on the competition pages.
The Basic Conditions are considered to be:
- general (We do not accept songs with low sound quality or eccentric music styles such as hardcore, trash, rap and similar)
- the length of the song must not exceed 8 minutes
- the composition does not contain indecent or obscene lyrics and does not in its essence base its incitement on committing violence, humiliating specific people or groups of people and generally does not have a racist, violent or hateful undertone
- songs with political undertones, obscene words or sexual undertones in the lyrics are allowed only with the approval of the Award Announcer

a) For each song in the competition, listeners as well as random visitors to our website, fans or friends of the artists can vote in publicly accessible polls as many times as they want without any registration.
b) Due to the fact that there are also beginning independent artists in the competition, voting in favor of oneself is not prohibited and is left to the free decision of a particular artist.
c) Voting using automated systems without visiting the Museboat website is prohibited and will result in the exclusion of such votes from the contest. Trust us that we can detect the use of such unfair means.
d) The winner of the contest is determined by the number of votes received through the voting forms, taking into account the annual amount of songs played on the museboat channel, the number of song on demand requests, placement in the MBMC chart, as well as activities related to direct support of the channel, such as presence in the chatroom.
e) extraordinary addition of votes in accordance with the conditions of the competition is as follows:
+5% of the average number of votes received in a particular round of the competition for at least one time presence and activity in the chatroom during a specific round of the competition during or outside of music shows
+5% of the average number of votes received in every round of the competition for financial support of the Museboat channel

a) A jury consists of reputable individuals with in-depth knowledge and experience in music composition, music production and promotion. The composition of this jury is not public.
b) The jury composed in this way decides exclusively on the BEST SONG PRODUCTION, BEST SONG LYRICS and the JURY PRIZE winner.
c) Jury members may request additional information from artists or music submitters for the competition regarding the method of music production, collaborating music professionals, etc. In the event that such additional information is not provided to the jury for any reason within the reasonable time frame, the jury will decide in favor of the second artist in order.
d) Selection of the successful award participants will be at the Jury's absolute discretion.

4. Use of the Awards in communications of the Organizers and the Participants

a) Award Participant or a Winner may use the name and logo of the Awards for communicating their achievement. Any such use must be in compliance with all applicable laws and include a clearly visible indication of the year and category in which you were selected as a Award Participant or as a Winner.
b) If Award Participants use the name and logo of the Awards as set out in the preceding clause, they must use them 'as is', i.e., they are not permitted to use a modified version of the name or logo of the Awards. Award Participants or their representatives cannot use the name and logo of the Awards in the way that negatively affects the reputation of any of the Award Announcers.
c) Award Announcers may use the names and logos of Award Participants and Winners, as well as quotes, photos and videos from publicly available sources related to the Competition.
d) Award Announcers may publish descriptions of the Winners' websites and social media profiles and the name of successful Award Participants as deemed appropriate in their absolute discretion.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

a) Except as expressly provided herein, as between Award Participants and the Award Announcers, Award Participants retain ownership of your intellectual property rights in and to your application and any subsequent information or materials provided by them to us as part of the music submission process (in accordance with Museboat music submission policy). Any information that you provide to the Award Announcers will be used only in accordance with these Award Terms to the extent necessary to assess your application. Award Participants grant the Award Announcers and their affiliates a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, transferable, sub-licensable, non-exclusive, fully paid-up, and royalty-free license to use, have used, import, export and otherwise provide, transfer, deliver, or dispose of the Award Participant Materials for the purposes of administering the Awards and/or ensuring your compliance with these Award Terms.
b) Nothing in these Award Terms Of Participation grants you any rights to or interest in any intellectual property rights of the Award Announcers.
c) Award Participants acknowledge that the Award Announcers, their affiliates and their directors, promoters (including members of the jury) may independently work on, sponsor or commission projects, related to or similar to the subject matter of Contest applications.
d) It is important to us that all Award Applications are made with due respect to the rights of third parties.

You agree to indemnify and hold MBL and its subsidiaries, affiliates, licensors, partners and suppliers and their respective shareholders, officers, directors, agents, licensors, suppliers, customers, alliance members, partners, employees and representatives harmless from any claims made or brought by a third party, including, without limitation, lawsuits, actions, proceedings, arbitrations, liabilities, damages, fees, penalties, judgments, settlements, expenses or demands, reasonable attorneys' fees, due to, relating to or arising out of your content, Content or any information or materials you provide or provided to MBL, use of or access to MBL Content by you and/or your affiliates, shareholders, officers, directors, agents, licensors, suppliers, customers, alliance members, partners, employers, employees and representatives (including, without limitation, any use on behalf of your employer or any third party), your violation of the Terms, or your violation of any rights of another.

6. Right to cancel or modify the Awards

Award Announcers reserve the right in their absolute discretion to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Awards or cancel or amend the terms of the application process at any time if the Awards is not capable of running as planned, for example because of tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, printing errors or any other causes which corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct of the Awards and in the event of circumstances beyond the Award Announcers' reasonable control.

7. General terms

a) These Award Terms shall not grant any rights to, and are not intended to operate for, the benefit of any third parties.
b) The Award Announcers will not be liable for failure or delay in performance to the extent caused by circumstances beyond their reasonable control.
c) The Award Announcers will not be treated as having waived any rights by not exercising (or delaying the exercise of) any rights under these Award Terms.
d) These Award Terms do not create any agency, partnership or joint venture between the parties.
e) These Award Terms set out all terms agreed between the parties and supersede all other agreements between the parties relating to the subject matter of these Award Terms.
f) To the extent that there is any inconsistency between information on the Awards website available under the official award website or any other source of information, these Award Terms shall apply.
g) These contest rules are written exclusively in English and have not and will not be translated into any other language.