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Get your original music heard and music video watched by thousands of Museboat Live channel listeners. Send us your music to get PROMOTION KIT with your audio and video player, Facebook, Twitter, Website and Music Shop links. Enjoy an opportunity to get your music to our music shows, top 25 chart show, Artist of The Week poll, create contest or become Featured artist just by spending a few minutes of your time.

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Whether signed with a recording label or not, artists on Museboat Live get a lot of views from our website visitors, which pushes traffic to their websites as well.

To become FEATURED ARTIST on Museboat will cost you anything but a few minutes of your time. Explore the Museboat stellar List of options below.

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Music Show Maintime is always at 10pm London, 11pm Berlin, 5pm New York, 4pm Chicago, 2pm Las Vegas, 7pm Rio de Janeiro, 8am Tokyo and 9am Sydney time and we replay our shows every three hours so you can listen to the show 7 more times every day

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Get your music heard by thousands
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Get your music video watched by thousands of Museboat Live TV/Video Channel viewers.

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Do you have something you´d like to share? Let us know and we may contact you about becoming a guest on air.

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Let us know about your new music, event or other news or even run your own Contest for Listeners.

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Everyone can nominate Artist of The Week on Museboat Live. Get your promo for free now.

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Get a lot more likes, followers, shares and video views from our website visitors.

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Get your music to the top of Museboat music chart. Vote every day and as many times as you like.

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Nominate new songs for Top 25 chart on Museboat Live Channel.

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Let the world hear your voice message. Say hi to all your fans and friends or promote your new music.

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Live chat is a platform that allows you to chat directly with your radio show listeners, music fans and friends and also is an effective way to take your work to the next level. The more you know about the needs and wants of your target audience, the better you’ll be able to serve them with your radio show content.

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