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Welcome to the World
of Free Media Promotion

Museboat is an integral part of MuseBoat Interactive and acts as a free media promotion intermediate between both, music and business.

Museboat Interactive is registered Non-Government Organisation listed in the “Civic Associations Section” under the law of the (EU) and has the status of a legal entity backed by business license to earn money for the purpose of fulfilling its own mission.

Museboat represents two free media-promotion channels.

Museboat Live
channel is a 24/7 media promotion channel featuring LISTEN & CHAT music shows produced by volunteers. We serve our listeners by offering a variety of content that is not necessarily provided by the larger commercial promotion websites. Every artist can submit music for airplay in 24/7 rotation or Listen & Chat music shows. We accept the most know music genres.

Broadcasting only via the Internet, MuseBoat Live offers direct feedback from listeners in the website chatroom and via social networks like Facebook, Reverbnation or Twitter. Loggin in the chatroom is social networks friendly and due to the structure of every 3-hours show replays, listeners are able to reach new content regardless of where they live.

Museboat TV-Video channel is a fan-first destination covering music video, short film, comics, interviews, brand advocacy and other video content that drives conversation and debate. We accept video submissions from museboat listeners, artists and brands.

One of the most significant benefits of museboat channels is free access to all features and services without registration.

So what are you waiting for?

Join our channel as a LISTENER, ARTIST,
and enjoy free media promotion for your music, website, product, podcast, blog or any other.


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Frequently Asked Questions.

  How do I listen to Museboat Live?

Collapsible Audio player is down the each website page.
Museboat Live Home page player default autoplay is "ON". Autoplay on other pages is "OFF".
We recommend to open home page and use website menu to browse website content in a new window.

You can listen to the Museboat free media promotion stream with your headphones or audio device at your computer or with any mobile device. We have optimised website pages for both, Android and iOS devices.

You can switch between computer and smartphone website view just by clicking on the relevant device icon
on the top of any website page.  

  When does Museboat broadcasts Listen & Chat music shows?​

Listen & Chat music show MAINTIME is always at the same time, which is:

10pm London ~ 11pm Berlin ~ 5pm New York ~ 2pm Las Vegas ~ 4pm St. Louis,
7pm Rio de Janeiro and 9am in Sydney.

When time´s changin in the US, all show begins at 6pm New York, 5pm St. Louis and 3pm Las Vegas
in a period of two weeks.

We replay our music shows EVERY THREE HOURS, so you can listen to any show at whatever time you like.

Due to the inability to avert stream delays we recommend to refresh audio player right before the music show. This option always ensures your listening in real time.

  Can I view your 24/7 rotation and show playlists online?

Yes. 24/7 rotation is available here.

  What kind of music does The Museboat Live play?

MuseBoat is multi-genre which means we play almost all music genres in our broadcasting.
We play rock, metal, pop, ambient, RnB, soul, jazz, blues, progressive and other best known music genres.

For the time being, we do not play rap until we find radio host for the music show of this kind of music.
If you think you are the one, join our team and create your hiphop/rap show for us anytime.

  I´m having trouble listening to live broadcasting. What am I supposed to do?

Functionality of our website in your computer depends on your internet browser and its settings.
We strongly recommend you to use Chrome or Firefox browser instead of Internet Explorer.

If you do not have sound instantly after pushing "PLAY" button in the player, check out ON AIR bar if our stream is online, first. When you can see any "ARTIST - Song" in the bar, reset your website browser (turn it off and on) and clear you cache memory in browser settings (delete cookies). In most cases this helps you to login to the chatroom and listen to the audio. When issues prevail, let us know in email about it.

If your sound is distorted or you can hear severe echo, this means you have two our website pages with our player opened at the same time. Find and close one of them.

To listen to the Listen & Chat show realtime with all chatroom visitors, click on refresh audio player icon
in the player right before the show starts.

  How do I chat with MuseBoat listeners?

You can login to the chatroom with your Facebook, Twitter or others.
Find chatroom at every website page on the left side and login with your social media profile.
If you want to become CHATLEADER for your Country or Town, join us here.

Please, be polite and without criticizm in the chatroom. We are here to support artists, not to fight each other.
We have no specific or strict cjatroom rules but keep in mind that our main aim is to listen and comment on great music from all around the world and support artists. This is why we do not allow long talks about politics, gender ideology, religious matters and so on. Please, use other places to reveal your political, sexual or religious views.

Any kind of personal or group hate posts will result in banning such chat visitor FOR EVER. No exclusions. If you will find that someone is sending you annoying or slendering personal messages, let us know .

  Do I need to pay or to register in order to listen?

No registration or payment is required for streaming or voting.
Everything we do for artists and entrepreneurs at our websites is free of any charge.

We also produce and air free media-promotion infospots for brands, exclusive listeners or featured artists
in exchange for their support and especially for continuing presence in the chatroom.

  How can I vote for my favourite artist in Top 25 Music Chart?

You can vote in MuseBoat Top 25 Chart show every day and as many times as you like.
Just visit our Top 25 voting poll page and support any song you love.

If you cannot find your favourite artist in this poll, you can nominate yours.
Send as many SONG ON DEMAND requests as possible. We accept artists from MuseBoat Live 24/7 rotation only. We will play it in Song Requests show and there is a solid chance that song receive more requests and get this way to our new top 100 songs list.

No registration is needed but all votes MUST originate from real persons. We have a zero tolerance for robots (bots) to get more votes by using malicious software.

  Can I download a song or can you send me a copy?

MuseBoat does not allow to download any of our music directly from this site.
However, you will be able to purchase almost everything we play from artist´s shop page.

Every artist on Museboat Live will get shop link to Amazon, Bandcamp or other music shop pages for free. Just hit on any artist cover and open Artist Media Promoiton Kit to find if you can buy music.

  How to become Exclusive Listener?

Exclusive Listeners are the most precious supporters of Museboat Live website and its mission.
Every Museboat Live website visitor can become Exclusive Listener just by nominating
Artist of The Week. This will cost you just a few minutes of your time.

Exclusive listeners will get free access to all Instore Music Players, granted social media support
and their own Loyalist Media Promotion Kit (LMPK) with picture/cover, name/nickname, description, business or organisation logo and more. In the case of interest, they also receive access to insider information, updates on contests and promotions, special offers and other exclusive content from Museboat Live.

Support fantastic artists and become Exclusive Listener now.

  How do I make a song request?

You can send your song on demand request at any website page using this icon
or by selecting "Song On Demand" from the website menu.

Song requests are automated to a queue by the hour and date of receipt.
The more song requests we receive, the sooner a song or artist join our Top 25 music chart.

  How can I promote my local event or service on Museboat Live?

To promote your event or brand on Museboat Live for free, go to "News" page and click on "Events" cover picture. You can also create your own survey, poll, contest or submit your brand incentives there.

  How can I make a donation to Museboat?

There are many ways how to support the mission of Museboat Live.
Go to "Support" page and choose donation what suits you the best.

If you are interested in granting a deduction from the donated financial amount or if you are able
to get a substantial donation for Museboat Interactive, join our mission as a Donor Agent first.

  Does Museboat Live play mainstream music?

Unless we have a permission from music author or copyright holder we do not play mainstream music
but we invite world-famous artists and music personalities to join our Listen & Chat music shows as a guests to greet and support other Museboat Live listeners and artists.

  How to get to the chatroom?

Find and click on CHATROOM vertical button on the left side of any website page. You can open / close chatroom this way anytime. To open a big chatroom view, select Listen & Chat icon : Open A Big Chatroom

  Where can I find a quick select box?

Quick Select Box with icons is on the right side of every website page.
Hit the maintenance button and choose any icon to get where you want.

  How to turn on TV-ideo channel?

Find and click on TV-VIDEO vertical button on the left side of any website page.
You can open / close TV-video channel this way anytime.
Be sure to turn off the audio player before you turn your TV on.

If you want to wach tv-video channel in fullpage view, hit TV icon at the top of every website page.
Default autoplay on fullpage veiw is always ON. To watch & chat at the same time go to TV-video page.

  How to find TV-video channel schedule?

To find TV-video schedule, video player must be ON.
Find and click on TV Guide icon on the right down side of the the player.
You can open / close TV Guide window this way anytime.


  How do I submit my music to Museboat Live for airplay?

You can send us your music for airplay anytime.
Go to Submit Your Music page and fill in simple music submission form.

We recommend you to open all your website and social media profile links right before filling in the form.
To create your Artist Media Promotion Kit we need your URL direct links in shape https://...

We care about the quality of our broadcasting and we care about artists copyrights, so please,
Do NOT send us COVER SONGS or material you do not have copyright.

  How will I know if you received my music and if it will be played?

All music sent to Museboat is reviewed within 1-3 weeks.
If we like what we hear we add your track to our database and send you an email to let you know about including your music to Listen & Chat music shows and 24/7 rotation.

We preffer FEATURED ARTISTS for airplay and promotion.
Read music submission terms carefully before sending your music.

  What kind of music does Museboat Live channel accept for airplay?

We accept music of almost all music genres.
Hip-Hop and similar music styles are accepted in case they contain parts of the song with vocals.

For the time being, we do not play rap until we find radio host for the music show of this kind of music.
If you think you are the one, join our team and create your own hip-hop/rap show anytime.

  How many songs should I send?

You can send us one song or a whole album for airplay anytime.
You can also confirm your music submission for Radio Airplay Alliance database to play your music
in many other radio stations.

  Which audio formats do you accept?

We accept only mp3 files, 44100Hz, any bitrate. Do not send us wav or ogg files.

To get your songs to Radio Airplay Alliance as well, you have to have all your mp3 files properly tagged with metadata. If you have not done so yet, find some time and fill in metadata in your music files to get your music on air as soon as possible.

Be sure you rename your mp3 files to the shape: "ARTIST NAME - Song name".

  How do I know my song is going to be on air?

We always let artists know about airplay in music shows on beforehand via email or Facebook.
If you're interested in finding out your music is already in 24/7 rotation, go here and find your artist name
in the 24/7 rotation.

  How do I arrange an interview?

Check out music submission form and confirm checkbox: "I am considering to be a Guest On Air".
Fill in details and let checkbox area confirmed when submitting music.

Due to the large number of approaches we receive, please note that we may not be able to respond to every request. We also reserve the right to give priority in processing interview requests from Featured Artists.

  How can I become Featured Artist on Museboat Live?

You can become Featured on Museboat simply by placing our widget code to your music website or blog.
If you do not have your own official website, you can place our website link ( to your Reverbnation / Soundcloud / Bandcamp contacts under the title: "Featured on Museboat".
Checkout the "Featured Artist " page for more information.

  What is Artist Media Promotion Kit?

Artist Media Promotion Kit (AMPK) is a html plugin with audio and video players, social contacts links, music genre and description and link to music shop. Every artist we accept for airplay will get AMPK for free. To view the content of any AMPK, just click on artist cover.

AMPK uses search engine optimization (SEO) to improve the search engine ranking for your website or blog and help new listeners and fans to find your music easier.

  How do I update my free Artist Media Promotion Kit information?

Find your Artis Media Promotion Kit in the "Artist Search" and open popup window.
You can find "Update Artist Details" at the bottom of the plugin. Hit the link and send us your updates.
You can also delete your AMPK and all your music from Museboat Live promotion this way.

  Can I send my CD´s for airplay to Museboat?

No. We accept digital music submissions only.


  How to submit my brand / organisation / radio station for free media promotion?

Get started by submitting your data and information through online form and promote your brand for FREE.

  Why should I join Museboat Live anyway?

Every brand that supports artists and the fulfillment of our mission will get the following:

- brand media promotion kit (BMPK) html plugin on Museboat Live website
- Brand of The Month nomination
- Guest on Air interview opportunity
- marketing video / slideshare presentation promotion
- radio station promotion in Radio Airplay Alliance program
- Instore Music Player free of any charges in POP / ROCK and MULTIGENRE music theme categories
- opportunity to become executive producer of any music show
- brand events or news submission and promotion
- recording brand voice message (shoutout) for listeners
- brand marketing incentives promotion
- running of own contests, polls or surveys
- brand infospot productions and airplay in multi-genre Instore Music Player

  What is Brand Media Promotion Kit?

Brand Media Promotion Kit (BMPK) is a html plugin with brand cover, logo, description, opening hours, marketing video / presentation, social media contacts and links to marketing incentives (discounts, givaways).

Every brand we accept for free media promotion will get BMPK automatically.
BMPK content can be updated or deleted directly in the html plugin.

  Do I need a contract to sign?

No. The relationship between Museboat Live and brand / organization / radio station is a media partnership based on mutual and gratuitous support in the form of exchanging direct links between partner sites.
This free media promotion is not a trade by any means.

  What is Brand of The Month? How can I join?

Brand of the Month is the list of the most valued brands that support artists on Museboat Live.
Every brand is included in the Brand of The Month poll automatically. Everyone can vote for a Brand of The Month by supporting other artists on Facebook.

  What is Instore Music Player?

Instore Music Player is a free music solution for your place (store, restaurant, pub, office, home) set to athmosphere of your activity. Every brand with Instore Music Player on its official website will get audio infospot airtime in this stream.

We offer three music theme streams: POP, ROCK and MULTIGENRE.
Read Instore Music Player FAQ

  I am considering to be a Guest On Air. How do I arrange an interview?

Go to the Run Your Brand Campaign page and fill in interview details in the form.

  Can I submit my recurring product or service campaign?

In case you are Featured brand you can submit or update your campaigns more then once a year.

  How can I become Featured Brand?

Checkout the Featured Brands page for more information.
To become Featured Brand is completely free and will take just a few minutes of your time.

Every Featured brand besides the above mentioned media promotion will get following:

- brand infospot productions and placement to any desired Instore Music Player
- priority in processing brand campaigns submissions
- recurring brand campaign submission
- opportunity to join Museboat Revenue Sharing Program without the need to become team member

  How do I arrange a contest, poll, survey or givaway?

Checkout the News page for more information.

  What is Radio Airplay Alliance program?

Radio Airplay Alliance program is the way how to get more listeners to your radio station for free.
Every accepted radio station will get Radio Promotion Kit plugin (RPK) on Museboat website with station logo, slogan, description, realtime audio player and link to music submission page.

The condition of registering and assigning a Radio Promotional Kit is that the station does not ask artists
to pay for music airplay and also supports musicians without registration in copyright organizations.

If you want your station to be Featured Radio Station in Museboat RAA program, link to us
with one of neutral-looking widgets from your official radio website.

  Why should I join Radio Airplay Alliance anyway?

We provide radio stations with not only RPK on our website but also with an active access to the huge database of songs properly tagged with metadata.


  What is the Museboat Live?

MuseBoat Live is an integral part of MuseBoat Interactive and acts as a free media promotion intermediate between both, music and business. Museboat Interactive is registered Non-Government Organisation listed in the “Civic Associations Section” under the law of the Slovak Republic (EU) and has the status of a legal entity backed by business license to earn money for the purpose of fulfilling its own mission.

  What is the mission of Museboat Live?

Museboat Live acts as a free media promotion intermediate between both, music and business.
Museboat Interactive mission is:

- to support the development of an independent and permanent music scene, to create conditions
  for free of charge and the continued promotion of original musical works,
- to search for and engage individuals and legal entities in activities within the digital network association,
- to organize national and international media and festivals for music artists and performers,
  where they will present their works,
- to create and organize music competitions, discussion groups, musical performances, opinion polls
  and surveys to improve the free promotion of musical works,
- to organize national and international workshops, exchange workshops and other meetings for artists
  and performers to improve mutual awareness and cooperation,
- to organize charity events, competitions and public collections to support music artists,
- to build own archive of audio and audiovisual works for the purpose of gratuitous promotions
  within the Museboat Digital Network,
- to create and organize the formation of the subsidiary bodies (Museboat Regions) to achieve
  the objectives of the association,
- to create conditions to support and promote awareness of what is happening in the regions
- to cooperate with government and cultural institutions Slovakia and other countries,
  NGOs and companies in obtaining grant support and resources for the activities and achievement
  of common objectives of the association,
- to create material-technical, legal, personnel and technical conditions for its operations
  and optimum use of financial resources to support all the activities of the association,
- to establish and operate special-purpose facilities to ensure their activities
  (clubs, training centers, entertainment areas, press rooms, etc.),
- issuing periodical and non-periodical publications,
- to support the musical and artistic activities in any other way to expand the scope of the association
  to the general public.

  Is Museboat Live free?

Yes. Museboat Live channels deliver unlimited music and video content for free.

  Can I earn money with some of your programs?

Yes. Everyone can register and earn money as the Donor Agent.
This opportunity even does not require any contract to sign and is our the best compensated one.
We reward every Donor Agent with a percentage split from $10+ donation.

In the near future, we are going to open Museboat Revenue Sharing Program for our core team members and Featured brands representatives. Revenue Sharing Program will offer a percentage split from specific website page advertisement revenue. To inquire about the program, go to the Revenue Sharing Program page.

  How can I support Museboat Live?

You can help in many different ways by:

- making One-Time Donation
- becoming Monthly Sustaining Donor
- becoming Show Executive Producer
- joining Infospot Program
- shopping with us
- fundrising campaigns sharing
- donating wish list items
- making direct money transfers

Go to the Support page for more information.

  Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Museboat Interactive is registered Non-Government Organisation under the law of the Slovak Republic (EU), so donors from other countries are mostly not entitled to take tax deduction from a particular donation.

On the other hand, Museboat Interactive internal rules allow to reward donors with another (sometimes even more advantageous) way.

If you are interested in granting a deduction from the donated financial amount or if you are able to get a substantial donation for Museboat Interactive, join our mission as a Donor Agent.

  How can I make a donation in memory of someone?

We are very sorry for your loss, and we're honored that you would consider donating to Museboat in memory of this special person. Please include a note in the "Publicly posted comment" donation form tab indicating the person’s name and if there is anyone we should contact to notify them of your memorial donation.

You can also honor the memory of a deceased loved one by helping us to meet our wish list.
New Museboat headquarter building or its premises can bear the name of your deceased loved one.

  How can I become an on-air or off-air personality for The Museboat?

Checkout the Join Us page for more information.


  What is RAA and who is it for?

Radio Airplay Alliance is a new promotional program from Museboat Live Channel helping radio stations, artists and radio shows producers to get more listeners and let everyone know you exist in the world
of Internet Radio and Audio Streaming.

  How can I join RAA as a Radio Station?

The condition of registering Radio Station and assigning a Radio Promotional Kit (RPK) is that the station does not ask music artists to pay for music airplay and also supports musicians without registration in copyright organization.

  How can I join RAA as an Artist?

The condition of registering as an Artist is that every song mp3 file has to have thoroughly filled the metadata (Artist Name, Song Name, etc).

  How can I join RAA as a Podcast/Radio Show producer?

The condition of registering podcast or radio show for airplay and assigning a Radio Show Promotional Kit (RSPK) is helping us to share expenses for broadcasting time by a small amount of money.
Read also RAA Shows FAQ


  What is RAA Radio Shows program and how does it work?

RAA Radio shows program is an opportunity for podcasters on Spreaker, Mixcloud, Spotify, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Stitcher, Google Play Music, iTunes or any other podcasting system looking for more listeners and bigger revenue. With RAA you will convert your podcast into real radio show with broadcasting slot.

After you help us to share our operational costs by a small amount of money (costs-sharing donation) you will get your own 2 hours long broadcaasting slot on 24/7 Museboat Live Channel along with Radio Show Promotion Kit (RSPK) with an easy access to unlimited podcast epizodes, relevant social networks, websites or blogs. RAA Shows start always on Saturday at 5pm NY time, we will introduce the best music show hosts to the rest of the world.

You can occupy one (or every) of 12 radio show slots we offer on Museboat Live Channel. The more slots you get the less you will pay.

  What is costs-sharing donation?​

Costs-sharing donation is a way how we try to reduce our operational costs to get more free promotional tools for listeners, artists and brands.
When you help us to share our expenses by a small amount of money you will get your own radio show to 24/7 Museboat Live Channel.
This contribution may be offset by participating as a Donor Agent to reduce your dues.

We offer the one of 12 radio show broadcasting slots for the costs-sharing donation of $5 per week.
Every radio host will get Radio Show Promotion Kit (RSPK) with podcast player, social networks contacts, feedback form and an access to the RAA Chatroom as a moderator. Here is RSPK DEMO .

If you donate four slots per month, you will also get your own Radio Show Website page. Here is WEBSITE DEMO .
You can even reduce your own slots costs by 10-35% when you become a DONOR AGENT.
You can apply for Donor Agent position directly in the radio show submission form, too.

Table of costs-sharing program models for radio show hosts / dj´s

WEEKLY - 1 SLOT - $5; Donor Agent: $5
MONTHLY - 4 SLOTS . $20; Donor Agent: $18
HALF YEARLY - 24 SLOTS - $120; Donor Agent: $96
YEARLY - 48 SLOTS - $240; Donor Agent: $192


WEEKLY - 12 SLOTS - $60; Donor Agent: $48,60
MONTHLY - 48 SLOTS - $240; Donor Agent: $192
HALF YEARLY - 288 SLOTS - $1,440; Donor Agent: $1,080
YEARLY - 576 SLOTS - $2,880; Donor Agent: $2,160


One time donation $15+; Donor Agent: $13,50+

  My show is shorter then 2 hours. Is it a problem?

Not at all. The rest of your broadcasting slot will be filled with songs from Museboat Live 24/7 rotation.

  My show is longer then 2 hours. What should I do?

If your show is longer then 2 hours, this means you are going to occupy two broadcasting slots.
It is your responsibility to check out the length of your show. You can donate two broadcasting slots for this reason.

If you donated only two hours long slot and upcoming slot is occupied by another show host, we will cut your show at the end of second broadcasting hour. If another broadcasting slot is not occupied by another host, we will let your show play to the end.

  What is Radio Show Promotion Kit?

Radio Show Promotion Kit (RSPK) is promotional tool for radio show hosts / dj´s powered by Museboat Live channel. See RSPK DEMO.
RSPK contains podcast audio player (embedded from your podcasting system), contacts to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, feedback form, cover picture, slogan and description of your radio show. Every radio show host/dj will get RSPK on Museboat Live after providing us with costs-sharing donation of at least $5. This RSPK will remain on RAA website until radio host/dj asks for its removal or... forever, in a way ;-)

  How can I get my own radio show website on Museboat Live?

If you occupy at least four slots ($18 a month) you will also get your own radio show website page with many promotion features.
See WEBSITE DEMO . This website will be online in upcoming 6 months, unless you ask for its removal or unless you occupy another radio show slot.

  How can I update the content of my radio show website?

Login to Private Zone and open your website admin page. Find "update" icon on the right hand side down the every website section. Form-like environment opens and you can update particular section content. Mind that after you finish your updates in required sections, you always have to scroll down the website page to fill in captcha and submit updates. Then you will be redirected to a page where you can upload your files (pictures, mp3 podcasts, gifs, etc.) using free WeTransfer service.

  How long does it take to see my updates on my radio show website?

Time to get your updates live depends on how quick are changes of your website made and usualy takes about 5-7 days.
You have to submit updates no later then on Friday 10pm London / 5pm NY time to see changes of your website next week.
We do NOT review your show content and you are solely responsible for any violation of RAA Terms of Cooperation.

  How can I earn money with my radio show?

You can earn/save money using one or all following opportunities:

1. Applying for Donor Agent position (saving up to 35% of any donation over $10)
2. Cut from Show Executive Producer donations (50% of all executive producer donations over $15)
3. Selling podcasts (in case you are selling podcasts on your official podcast system or website)
4. Ad revenue program (in case you are running ads on your official podcast system or website)
5. Audio commercials in your radio show (we do NOT take any cut from your advertising)
6. Revenue sharing Program (Museboat Live program for sharing earnings with participants - Coming soon.)

  How are payments determined?

Payments are mostly made immediately upon receipt of donations to our PayPal account. Minimum or Maximum money-back amount is not set.

If you are a Donor Agent, send us costs-sharing donation reduced by discount.
If your show gains Exectuive Producer´s donation, we will send 50% of a donation to your PayPal account within one month.

We do NOT keep records of previous costs-sharing donations.
If you occupy any slot/s for the second time, you are not allowed to apply for money-back from previous donations.

At present, we accept PayPal only. If you use any other financial system, let us know about it in this form.

  Is my radio show airplay limited only for Museboat Live channel?

No. You own the copyrights of your radio show and you can submit this show anywhere you like.

  How can I get my own radio show chatroom?

Museboat Live provide RAA participants with two kinds of chatrooms.
General chatroom is 24/7 chat for all participants at RAA Radio Shows website. By applying for costs-sharing donation for at least 24 broadcasting slots, radio show hosts / dj´s can get their own 24/7 Radio Show Chatroom. Radio Show Chatroom settings are dependent on the decision of the particular radio show host/dj with free or passworded access
and chat moderator rights.

  What is the procedure to get my radio show on air?

1. Fill your radio show and other details into the radio show application form.
3. Upload your show files (mp3, gif, jpg, jpeg, txt etc.) using free WeTRansfer service.
    Audio file/s must be in mp3, 44100Hz stereo, any bitrate. You can download it from your podcasting system*.
2. Submit required information. You will be redirected to PayPal home page.
3. Login to your PayPal account and send us costs-sharing donation of required amount.
    If you applied for Donor Agent position, provide us with costs-sharing donation for Donor Agents.
4. After we receive your donation we wil send you confirmation email with instructions.
5. Your show will be on air no later than in 10 days. We usually process submissions within one week.

We accept the most of known files like mp3, jpg, jpeg, gif, etc. Do NOT send us Wav or Ogg files.
The best picture resolution for RSPK photo is 858 X 698 pixels.
The best picture resolution for website gallery is 700 X 500 pixels.
The best picture resolution for website header picture is 1920 X 880 pixels. Do NOT send us any files you do not own copyrights to.

* Be sure to meet all terms and conditions of your podcasting system provider. We are NOT responsible for any copyrights violation.

  Do I have to mention "Museboat Live" in my show recordings?

No. Museboat Live does not produce your radio show by any means. It is your radio show.

  How can I use music from Museboat Live 24/7 rotation for my own radio show?

Museboat Live 24/7 rotation* is the catalogue of songs prepared for airplay on Museboat Live channel.
It is available for every costs-sharing donor. Anyone can create radio show from scratch by recording show parts and creating playlist from our music catalogue.

If you want to use music from RAA catalogue for your radio show, you will have to send us your show mp3 file divided into 4 parts. Songs will be added to the show afterwards. To make correct order of your show files you have to give different name to every mp3 file ( e.g. MY SHOW 001.mp3; MY SHOW 002.mp3, etc.). To pick up songs from Museboat Live 24/7 rotation, copy and paste any "ARTIST - Song name/s" to the form.

* Radio hosts/djs can use this database only for radio shows on Museboat Live. Museboat Live has permission to air music from copyrights holders (artists, recording labels / official promoters).   You cannot use music from Museboat Live 24/7 rotation outside Museboat Live. Museboat Live does NOT alow download of music files for RAA Radio shows.

  What are my rights and responsibilities as a radio show host on Museboat Live?
  Can I create my own show completely for free?

We also offer an opportunity to create your own show on Museboat Live completely for free. The aim of the free offer is to support artists, so we do not accept spoken word shows. If you want to create your own show on Museboat Live, you have to join our staff as a "Music Show Host - Presenter". You can find application and details here.

  How can I create contest, poll or a survey for my radio show website visitors?

Login to Private Zone, open your radio show website admin page and click on "update" icon below NEWS section. Follow form instructions.
Always scroll down the bottom of the page to confirm your updates.

  My radio show is not in English language. Can I submit this radio show for airplay?

Yes, you can. The procedure, terms and conditions for foreign radio shows are the same as for English ones but we do not allow radio show website translation to foreign language. If you want to have a website in your language, we propose you to join our staff as a National Website Founder.

  I have new radio show epizodes more then once a week. What am I supposed to do?

To get more show epizodes on air, you have to occupy more slots. This is the only way how to get more then one of your show epizodes on air.

  Can I have an audio commercials in my radio show?

Yes, you can and we do NOT take any cut from your commercial revenues. This is one of the best features we offer for radio show hosts.

  Can I occupy all 12 broadcasting slots at once?

Yes, you can. You can even get one radio show on air 12 times on Saturday or occupy all free slots for the whole year.
We manage requests for the slots according to the order they are received by our channel (first comes first).

  My question is not answered here. How can I ask something I want to know?

Send us your question in this form right now. Do not forget to fill in all relevant details in the form.


  What is Revenue Sharing Program and how does it work?

Revenue Sharing Program (RSP) involves sharing commercial profits among its members.
We offer an opportunity for you to make money with ad revenue sharing programme and affiliate revenue sharing programme.

We pay our members a percentage-based reward from commercial profits of specific website pages generated by banners, sold shop items or by other profit-making activities.

  Who Is this Program For?

To join the programme, we only accept members of the MuseBoat team or MuseBoat region founders. Everyone has the opportunity either to join our team, create their own region, or both.

You should know that program membership requires some aditional work to do except from usual team work. It depends on particular position and the role assigned in MuseBoat Live to participate the program as a member.

  How can I join your program as a member?

To join Revenue Sharing Program just fill in the application form down this website page.
Fill in all relevant application form tabs to enhance your chance to be approved quickly.
If you are not a member of MuseBoat team or MuseBoat Region founder yet, choose the position you would like to hold. It is important to fill in both forms to be approved by MuseBoat Interactive board.

  Is your program free to join?

Yes. Revenue Sharing Program is free to join although it requires acceptance process.

  Is your program legal?


MuseBoat Live is an integral part of MuseBoat Interactive and acts as a free media promotion intermediate between both, music and business. Museboat Interactive is registered Non-Government Organisation in a “Civic Associations Section” under the law of the Slovak Republic (EU) and has the status of a legal entity with its own legal personality backed by business license to earn money for the purpose of its own mission.

MuseBoat Interactive mission is to achieve a type of free media promotion which comes in all directions – from entrepreneurs to artists and vice versa, between artists themselves, and then further on – to wide public worldwide.

  How much time do I spend on the program?

Minimum time spent on programme participation is set to 1 hour per week, controled by MuseBoat executives. For at least a minimum profit we recommend spending at least half an hour a day with assigned work though. The more you promote MuseBoat, the bigger chance is to earn some revenue.

  What will I do after joining in?

It depends on your membership status. We recognize three membership statuses: On-air Member, Off-air Member and MuseBoat Coutry/Region Leader. Every status has its own terms and conditions stated in contract available in the application form.

  Do I need a contract to join?

Yes, because our program is legal business relation between its participants and MuseBoat Interactive. Revenue Sharing Programme contract is an integral part of application form. Be sure to read the application form content carefully. You must check the contract agreement checkbox to apply for a membership in the programme.

  What are Member Rights and Expectations?

RSP members aren't employees or workers and don't have an employment contract.
They also aren't entitled to the minimum wage, holiday or sick pay, or other statutory employment rights. Membership contract, a description of your membership role and the MuseBoat's membership policy are a part of application form. Read terms carefuly.

Members have the same rights as an employee, under the Data Protection Act. This means that MuseBoat must keep to rules about collecting and storing your personal information in computer or paper files.

  Can I join a program anonymously?

No. Every program participant has to provide us with personal data or with official brand details to sign a contract.

  How much can I earn?

You will earn 50% of overall net revenues from advertising or shopping impressions (video, audio, banner ads and sold affiliate shop items) displayed and/or sold to listeners that visit our pages.
The tax deduction varies according to the particular year (19% in 2018).

The income you generate from program varies and is dependent on how much work you put in to online marketing. The more traffic you can drive, the more revenue you can generated for yourself.

All legal acts provided by MuseBoat are subject to the law of the Slovak Republic (EU).
The programme is legally available to people from anywhere in the world under the conditions of tax compliance in that country.

  How long does acceptance process take?

Acceptance process usualy takes about one or two weeks. After you send your personal details, we will get back to you asap. In case of a large number of applications, the acceptance process may take longer.

  How are payments determined?

Every Revenue Sharing Programme member will get an access to password-protected private zone page to check all relevant business statistics. Payments withdrawals are allowed from the specific sum of money. For 2018 it is 50 EUR per withdrawal. Maximum money withdrawal is not set. At present, we accept PayPal withdrawals only. If you use any other financial system, let us know about it in the application form.

  What are my obligations as a member?

Every member has to have own Facebook profile, Twitter account and valid email address and also has to give LIKE to at least 10 new music artists or brands on MuseBoat every week. Being present on other social networks like YouTube, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Instagram or Google+ is a plus. After your acceptance as a member, you will be prompted to create a new Facebook page for the specific area you are managing.

We ask that all volunteers assist with fundraising activities that take place during the year. Additionally we are also keen to hear from those who would be willing to source and develop new fundraising opportunities.

  What is the procedure for accepting an applicant?

After accepting terms and conditions stated in Revenue Sharing Program Application Form, MuseBoat Interactive will start acceptation process within one or two weeks.

Successful applicant will receive document with a binding invoice template for payment of the earned part of the profit in Private Zone page.
Filling in, downloading and sending this invoice to our email address is the only way to be paid for participating in the Revenue Sharing Programme.

MuseBoat Interactive will accept only invoices that meet requirements for payout (correct payment data, minimum withrawal sum of money, etc.)

After sending us your invoice, you will get paid using PayPal service. At present, we do not accept any other payment systems.

  My Question is not here. What should I do?

Send us your question in this form right now. Do not forget to fill in all relevant details in the form.

  What is the easiest way to get involved in Revenue Sharing Programme?

The easiest way to get involved in Revenue Sharing Programme is to create your own
Museboat Region within our channel. It's free and everything you invest is just your time
and determination to help amazing musicians from around the world.

We offer several key positions of team members with the opportunity
to participate in our profit sharing program.


  What is Museboat Region?

MuseBoat Region (MBR) represents either whole country or state, town, village
or any group people with mutual interests (Facebook groups, sport clubs, other civic
associations, etc) under the partially predefined name (e.g. MuseBoat Nevada,
or Museboat Canada, etc.).

We unite people from all around the world to join free promotional network and help artists to get their music heard. To meet this goal, we are trying to get companies, entrepreneurs, self-employers or various groups to join our movement in exchange
for free media promotion of their work, whether it is company product, service, fundrising campaign or any other activity.

Museboat Region is led by a Chairman (a person who establish MR) and has any number of members.

Communication language with Museboat executives is English.

Language of the regional websites including regional chat language is optional.

  How Can I Create MuseBoat Region?

Everyone can establish Museboat Region by filling in Region Registration form at MuseBoat Regions page.

A fundamental condition for the establishment of the region is to find at least one other member (friend, co-worker, relative, anyone from specific region or group with Facebook profile). Each member has to have Internet connection via desktop
or laptop. It is not enough to have just a smartphone.

  What I give and get with Museboat Region?

We know that the work of volunteers is always difficult. That´s why we provide our members with at least a minimum level of support in the form of benefits we offer.


  • Website for business and private purposes free of any charges
  • Representing Museboat Interactive in a specific region and using a signature with name, MR position, email / phone number (if aplicable), MR website link and Museboat Interactive website link
  • Volunteer training
  • Basic webdesign training
  • Members-only access to the artists database
  • To place own work, business or activity on the MR website in “about” section
  • Deciding to send a Museboat Region representatives to participate in Museboat events (worldwide)
  • Receiving reward for the acquisition of new donors and V.I.P. members
  • Free membership (even in case the fees were introduced to other members)


  • Age of 18+ years old
  • Registration as a "registered member" at Museboat Interactive
  • Laptop or desktop (mobile device is NOT enough)
  • Internet connection
  • Email box
  • Basic working knowledge of documents and spreadsheets (MS Excel, Google Docs etc.)
  • English language (communicative level)


  • To find and engage at least one new member of the region ( friend, co-worker, relative, etc ).
  • To give LIKE every new artist listed in the Museboat music catalogue (about 10 LIKES per week)
  • Monthly updates of regional website
  • Regional website translation into mother language
  • To create Museboat Region Facebook page with obligatory and free content (from 1 post per week at minimum to unlimited amount of posts)
  • To create Twitter profile or setup #hashtag for Museboat Region
  • To invite as many new artists and business entities from the region as possible to join Museboat Interactive in exchange for free media promotion.

  • Create Museboat Region

    We value and respect your privacy. Information you submit will not be shared with a third party, nor will it be sold or used for purposes other than Museboat Region operation.


  What is a Short News?

Short news is a short information about any event like venue, concert, new album release, new service or product release, etc.

Short news contains only cover picture, headline title and direct link to event page (e.g. ticket portal page, Facebook events page, news release website page, blog page, etc. )

  What is the difference between Short News and News Story?

Short News is a visible note about event with cover picture, submittor´s title and URL link to event website page.

News Story is a whole article with all relevant information about an event like cover picture, feedback buttons, event conditions, url links etc. Direct link to your News Story will appear in regular newsletter.

  What kind of short news do you accept?

We accept any news which does not infringe any third party’s intellectual property or privacy rights, contain any hateful, defamatory, derogatory, discriminatory, sexually explicit material or other material which could cause harassment or hatred towards any individual or group, or depict any unlawful, overly violent or explicit behavior, cruelty towards animals, exploitation of children or minors or violates any law.

  How do I know my short news is accepted?

We do not ask for contact details to submit Short News. That´s why we do not let submitters know about their Short News release on beforehand.

We inform only News Stories submitters in advance.

  Does Museboat Live accept every Short News?

Due to huge amount of Short News submissions, we pick up only ones the most related to our website regular users. We preffer exclusive listeners, featured artists and featured brands in the selection.

  Do I have to pay for it?

No. Submitting Short News is completely free of any charges.

  How can I submit Short News to Museboat Live?

To submit short news you just fill in simple form you can find in HEADLINES slider. Click on "SUBMIT NEWS" button in the slider and popup with form appears. You can also submit your short news here.

  Where will my short news appear?

We release short news on weekly basis at Museboat Live News page and also in promotional plugins.

Submit your short news now

  Who can submit News Story?

We accept News Stories only from exclusive listeners, featured artists and featured brands.

If you do not want to become featured from any reason, you can still use Guest Blogging to publish your article for free.

To become featured, find relevant option in this website page menu.

  What information do I need to have available?

You’ll need to have your basic info about you and your event like your website, Twitter, Facebook links, event title, headline and subheadline, cover pictures and direct URL links to your event (if applicable).

You need not to have any event website page for submittiong your News Story on Museboat Live.

You can even receive direct feedback to your news via email.
This feature is optional.

  How can I submit a photo?

You can submit a photo related to your News Story using free file transfer service WeTransfer. Direct link to the service is in News Story submission form.

  Do I have to pay for news story publishing?

No. Submitting News Story is completely free of any charges.

  How do I know if my News Story has been approved or not?

We let News Story submitters know about release on beforehand via email and Facebook.

  When can I ssubmit News Story at the latest?

You must submit your News Story at least one week prior to the start of your event. Anything earlier than that works, too. You certainly want to give people lots of time to find your event before it starts.

  What if I need to make changes after my News Story submission?

You can submit the changes but your old information will remain public until the changes are processed. Once they’re processed, the new edits will replace the old information.

  Where will my News Story appear?

We release News Stories on weekly basis at Museboat Live News page and also in promotional plugins.

Submit a whole NEWS Story