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It is vital that Museboat Live Team Members not only feel valued but really are valued.
This section focuses on rewarding and recognising their commitment and efforts to aid Museboat Live mission.

Museboat Revenue Sharing Program takes many different forms, although each involves sharing commercial profits among associated members. It depends on particular position and the role assigned
in Museboat Live Channel to participants by Museboat Interactive board.

Generally, we pay programme participants a percentage-based reward from commercial profits of specific website pages generated by banners, sold shop items, etc. This program is suitable not only for listeners or artists, but literally for anyone who helps us meet the goals of our mission.

Joining the program is completely voluntary and free of any charges.

This way we are trying to give a compensation to web content writers, on-air and off-air staff and other supporters based on the level of traffic generated by specific activity. It is true that this program initially earn very little or no money but joint efforts greatly increase the probability of its success while maintaining the basic goals and mission of Museboat. And everything depends only on us.

Why to join the Program?

  • To make a real difference in free media promotion
  • To gain confidence
  • To be part of an international team
  • To help others
  • To help with career development
  • To earn some extra money
  • ... and to have a Fun ;-)
To join Museboat Revenue Sharing Programme, every aplicant has to become Museboat Live Team member.
Everyone is welcome to play a part in Museboat Live community. If you are not already team member,
just visit our Join Us page and find out what kind of opportunities we offer. No experience is necessary – training will be given on the go.

Join Program

We value and respect your privacy. Information you fill in will not be shared with a third party, nor will it be sold or used for purposes other than Museboat Region operation.

Revenue Sharing FaQ

Revenue Sharing Program (RSP) involves sharing commercial profits among its members. We offer an opportunity for you to make money with ad revenue sharing programme and affiliate revenue sharing programme.

We pay our members a percentage-based reward from commercial profits of specific website pages generated by banners, sold shop items or by other profit-making activities.
To join the programme, we only accept members of the Museboat team or Museboat region founders. Everyone has the opportunity either to join our team, create their own region, or both.

You should know that program membership requires some aditional work to do except from usual team work. It depends on particular position and the role assigned in Museboat Live to participate the program as a member.
To join Revenue Sharing Program just fill in the application form down this website page.
Fill in all relevant application form tabs to enhance your chance to be approved quickly.
If you are not a member of Museboat team or Museboat Region founder yet, choose the position you would like to hold. It is important to fill in both forms to be approved by Museboat Interactive board.
Yes. Revenue Sharing Program is free to join although it requires acceptance process.
Museboat Live is an integral part of Museboat Interactive and acts as a free media promotion intermediate between both, music and business. Museboat Interactive is registered Non-Government Organisation and has the status of a legal entity with its own legal personality backed by business license to earn money for the purpose of its own mission.

Museboat Interactive mission is to achieve a type of free media promotion which comes in all directions – from entrepreneurs to artists and vice versa, between artists themselves, and then further on – to wide public worldwide.
Minimum time spent on programme participation is set to 1 hour per week, controled by Museboat executives. For at least a minimum profit we recommend spending at least half an hour a day with assigned work though. The more you promote Museboat, the bigger chance is to earn some revenue.
It depends on your membership status. We recognize three membership statuses: On-air Member, Off-air Member and Museboat Coutry/Region Leader. Every status has its own terms and conditions stated in contract available in the application form.
Yes, because our program is legal business relation between its participants and Museboat Interactive. Revenue Sharing Programme contract is an integral part of application form. Be sure to read the application form content carefully. You must check the contract agreement checkbox to apply for a membership in the programme.
RSP members aren't employees or workers and don't have an employment contract.
They also aren't entitled to the minimum wage, holiday or sick pay, or other statutory employment rights. Membership contract, a description of your membership role and the Museboat's membership policy
are a part of application form. Read terms carefuly.

Members have the same rights as an employee, under the Data Protection Act. This means that Museboat must keep to rules about collecting and storing your personal information in computer or paper files.
No. Every program participant has to provide us with personal data or with official brand details to sign a contract.
You will earn 50% of overall net revenues from advertising or shopping impressions (video, audio, banner ads and sold affiliate shop items) displayed and/or sold to listeners that visit our pages.
The tax deduction varies according to the particular year (19% in 2018).

The income you generate from program varies and is dependent on how much work you put in to online marketing. The more traffic you can drive, the more revenue you can generated for yourself.

The programme is legally available to people from anywhere in the world under the conditions of tax compliance in that country.
Acceptance process usualy takes about one or two weeks. After you send your personal details, we will get back to you asap. In case of a large number of applications, the acceptance process may take longer.
Every Revenue Sharing Programme member will get an access to password-protected private zone page to check all relevant business statistics. Payments withdrawals are allowed from the specific sum of money. For 2018 it is $15 per withdrawal. Maximum money withdrawal is not set. At present, we accept PayPal withdrawals only. If you use any other financial system, let us know about it in the application form.
Every member has to have own Facebook profile, Twitter account and valid email address and also has to give LIKE to at least 10 new music artists or brands on Museboat every week. Being present on other social networks like YouTube, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Instagram or Google+ is a plus. After your acceptance as a member, you will be prompted to create a new Facebook page for the specific area you are managing.

We ask that all team members assist with fundraising activities that take place during the year. Additionally we are also keen to hear from those who would be willing to source and develop new fundraising opportunities.
After accepting terms and conditions stated in Revenue Sharing Program Application Form, Museboat Interactive will start acceptation process within one or two weeks. Accepted members will get an access to unique private zone page with statistics, invoice template, private chatroom, etc.

Successful applicant will receive document with a binding invoice template for payment of the earned part of the profit in private zone page.
Filling in, downloading and sending this invoice to our email address is the only way to be paid for participating in the Revenue Sharing Programme.

Museboat Interactive will accept only invoices that meet requirements for payout (correct payment data, minimum withrawal sum of money, etc.)

After sending us your invoice, you will get paid using PayPal service. At present, we do not accept any other payment systems.
Send us your question in this form right now. Do not forget to fill in all relevant details in the form.

The easiest way to get involved in Revenue Sharing Programme is to create your own
Museboat Region within our channel. It's free and everything you invest is just your time and determination to help amazing musicians from around the world.

We offer several key positions of team members with the opportunity to participate in our profit sharing program.

Museboat Region FAQ

Museboat Region (MR) represents either whole country or state, town, village or any group people with mutual interests (Facebook groups, sport clubs, other civic associations, etc) under the partially predefined name (e.g. Museboat Nevada). or Museboat Canada, etc.).

We unite people from all around the world to join free promotional network and help artists to get their music heard. To meet this goal, we are trying to get companies, entrepreneurs, self-employers or various groups to join our movement in exchange for free media promotion of their work, whether it is company product, service, fundrising campaign or any other activity.

Museboat Region is led by a Chairman (a person who establish MR) and has any number of members.

Communication language with Museboat executives is English.

Language of the regional websites including regional chat language is optional.

Everyone can establish Museboat Region by filling in Region Registration form at Museboat Regions page.

A fundamental condition for the establishment of the region is to find at least one other member (friend, co-worker, relative, anyone from specific region or group with Facebook profile). Each member has to have Internet connection via desktop or laptop. It is not enough to have just a smartphone.

We know that the work of volunteers is always difficult. That´s why we provide our members with at least a minimum level of support in the form of benefits we offer.


  • Website for business and private purposes free of any charges
  • Representing Museboat Interactive in a specific region and using a signature with name, MR position, email / phone number (if aplicable), MR website link and Museboat Interactive website link
  • Volunteer training
  • Basic webdesign training
  • Members-only access to the artists database
  • To place own work, business or activity on the MR website in “about” section
  • Deciding to send a Museboat Region representatives to participate in Museboat events (worldwide)
  • Receiving reward for the acquisition of new donors and V.I.P. members
  • Free membership (even in case the fees were introduced to other members)


  • Age of 18+ years old
  • Registration as a "registered member" at Museboat Interactive
  • Laptop or desktop (mobile device is NOT enough)
  • Internet connection
  • Email box
  • Basic working knowledge of documents and spreadsheets (MS Excel, Google Docs etc.)
  • English language (communicative level)


  • To find and engage at least one new member of the region ( friend, co-worker, relative, etc ).
  • To give LIKE every new artist listed in the Museboat music catalogue (about 10 LIKES per week)
  • Monthly updates of regional website
  • Regional website translation into mother language
  • To create Museboat Region Facebook page with obligatory and free content (from 1 post per week at minimum to unlimited amount of posts)
  • To create Twitter profile or setup #hashtag for Museboat Region
  • To invite as many new artists and business entities from the region as possible to join Museboat Interactive in exchange for free media promotion.

  • Create Museboat Region

    We value and respect your privacy. Information you submit will not be shared with a third party, nor will it be sold or used for purposes other than Museboat Region operation.

Unlike Museboat Region chairman, national website founder is the higher and more responsible position within Museboat NGO hierarchy.

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