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The OutLiars is a remote project that came to fruition whilst collaborating on their debut single “Light Me Up”! This is their story so far and it all starts with a riff and a vision! John Serino, guitarist/songwriter (former front man for Brewchad), had an idea to collaborate with friends across the web and try to mix different musical styles. “The Riff was cool, and I thought about who I wanted to work with. Maxx Zinno (Pulse Ultra & Rise Electric) was the first person I shared it with. After a couple of weeks he sent back a recording with drums and arrangement ideas. He had restructured the song. At this point it was just drums and a single guitar but It was hard not getting excited about it, Maxx had nailed it! Well, now it needs bass,” incited Serino! John reached out to another buddy, Jean-Étienne Sheehy who immediately added a melodic and groovy bass line to the track. The song was getting somewhere but something was missing… This song was originally intended to be an instrumental jam but Maxx suggested it needed vocals. John felt his voice wasn’t the right fit so he reached out to former band mate Brandon Mignacca (La Voix season 5 contestant & SOCAN Songwriting Prize winner for his debut single “Best I’ll Never Have”). Mignacca wasn't sure about what type of vocals would best suit the song but feeling the old school bluesy vibe, he asked if he could add an organ track instead. “This is what came to mind when I heard it,” he explained. “The organ was a nice surprise; Brandon managed to help fill up the song, while adding to that classic rock feel we all thought was starting to brew,” adds Serino. After nearly 6 months of sending tracks back and forth, the song was sounding great but still needed vocals. Serino reached out to Danny Rossi, an old friend from college he hadn’t spoken to in over 15 years. “I was looking for a particular sound for the vocals. I wanted lyrics with a catchy melody that would suit the song and bring it all together, I had a feeling Danny would kill it.” Serino elaborates, “He released 4 albums as well as a few singles with his last band and toured the United States for over 10 years. I knew his voice was exactly what I wanted for this song, I know the guy can write lyrics and melody so I took a shot to see if he was interested in collaborating.” “Damn dude, this groove is right up my alley,” answered Rossi upon hearing the track. “Give me a day or 2 and I’ll have something for you.” “I came up with the chorus within 2-3 hours but the verses were giving me trouble. It took me a few days but I finally found something that suited the song, I dropped some tracks in my crappy little makeshift studio at home and sent it off to John. He called me right away to explain how much he loved what I did,” Rossi recalls. ""We're writing music that rocks like the shit we grew up on and that's what people wanna hear,"" states Rossi. With an authentic retro sound, employing the BIG classic tones from Rock Music’s loudest eras... the ‘70s, ‘80s & 90s, they quickly realized it was time to get this tune mixed. Danny suggested working with long-time friend and producer/engineer Kevin Jardine (Slaves on Dope / Uplift Recording Studio). “Danny sent me the song and I knew there was a lot we could do to make it sound even better, so we booked some studio time to get it done,” elaborates Jardine. As the song was getting the royal treatment from Jardine, it was time to name this project. Seeing as it was all done remotely, “outlying” felt like an appropriate way to describe them… Situated far from a center; remote... perfect!!! Well, almost. Why the alternate spelling in The OutLiars you may ask? You could ask them but they’d have to lie about it.

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