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Raven's Angel is a one man band skirting the boundaries of Alternative Rock and influences from many genres. Self immersed in the heady depths of sound and emotion, translated into the realms where music and musical portrayals are felt as well as heard. In an ever evolving effort the two latest releases "satellite" "Frozen Lake" & “Why Don’t You Talk To Me Anymore” are examples of the distance between the diversity and style in his sound and musical visions. Please be kind enough to at least listen to one song when you visit my site. Special thanks to: my friends and family as well as the fans for believing in my dream along with me. All productions, music, compositions and Lyrics done by Jeff Garrison with the following exceptions: Guitar on "Get Loud" done by Scott (Flash) Flint Guitar on "Monster of Love" done by Drew Hatter Drums Collaborated on "Ruin's Tears" "Hero's to Heroin" "Frozen Lake" "Remember You This Way" Without Your Love" "Child's Eyes" and "Home" by Walter Lee Hall.

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