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Les Paul's' (The Paul's) are the prolific and dynamic song writing duo of ex-Londoners - singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and actor Paul Odiase and ex-London police officer, song lyricist Paul Robert Thomas. Paul Odiase is a multi-instrumentalist who just loves writing tunes and collaborating with different artists across the globe! Paul has written countless songs with artistic collaborators like Michael Kelly from Nashville and London born and bred Song Lyricist Paul Robert Thomas. Paul has also played with many different live bands gaining experience as he went and has worked on jingles and multimedia DVD productions for companies like RADO watches of Switzerland as well as the Swiss Farming society. In the 70’s Paul tried his hand at acting and worked with people like Barbara Bach of James Bond fame and renowned stars like Mel Ferrer (who married Audrey Hepburn) who actually approached Paul to enlist in an acting school in Milan but Paul was all about music and nothing could distract him from his goal to become a professional Songwriter. Today with lots of songwriting knowhow under his belt Paul concentrates on writing and producing for other musicians and publishers around the world pitching his songs for newcomers and TV serials.
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