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Getting to know…Gypsy Piano Blues Denise Peachey, known in the music world as Gypsy Piano Blues, takes her name straight from what she plays. Her music is piano based blues of various styles, as well as some blues rock and a bit of funk. Her voice has that husky, just woke up quality to it that makes the songs come to life. These are the songs you can just sit with, alone or with others, while you think about life and have a drink. Gypsy Piano Blues has been performing since 1994. Sometimes it is a solo act, and other times Peachey has other musicians join her. She has played with many other musicians, especially when she is traveling. Her line-up being in a state of perpetual change ensures that no two shows will be the same if one goes to see her play live. In this time of recorded, lip-synced shows that is a refreshing and welcome change. Influences for the music of Gypsy Piano Blues range from the rockabilly pieces of Elvis Presley, to The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and even Jerry Lee Lewis. No matter where the inspiration comes from, you will hear a heavy dose of emotion in each song you listen to. And with such influences, her music will feel like a cozy, worn-in sweater to fans of the genre.

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