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Daria Stefan is a young singer from Romania who was born and raised in a family that loves music. She grew up listening and loving everything related to music, and very soon passion turned into practice. At the age of Six people around Daria started to realise quickly that Daria had a natural ability as a singer and it was not long after that she started singing in the Miracle Group within the Children’s Club of district 6 Bucharest. At the age of Nine Daria started to really push her singing and this led to participating in a lot of contests festivals shows and TV programs where she got many prizes and awards, such as being a finalist of Mamaia For Children’s Festival, Andantino (Trophy), Star Melody (Trophy), Simply The Best (Trophy), Spring Star (Trophy), Liliput (Trophy), Martisor (Trophy), Bucharest Kids Music (Trophy), Allegria (Trophy), and was offered by the Dan Voiculescu Foundation to work with them.

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