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Anastasia Elliot approaches her entire music career with nothing but the bigger picture in mind. Like a painter standing in front of a canvas, she views everything with a “whole world or nothing” mentality. One part singer-songwriter, one-part visual artist she cannot feel satisfied until she has created an entire immersive universe for her listeners; casting broad auditory strokes of symphonic pop-rock, then mixing them harmoniously with mind-bending visuals. Everything is meticulously planned to ensure optimal delivery of her vision. Her current masterpiece, forthcoming LP “La Petite Mort” is a testament to that state of mind. urrently based out of Nashville Tennessee, Anastasia has worked tirelessly building the next phase of her plan. This includes the release of new music, videos, scheduling live shows and tours. In just a short time, Anastasia has accumulated over 500,000 digital streams and 1 million views on YouTube and counting, as well as many live television performances. While on tour, she hosted her own panel at NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) on the future of technology for independent musicians. In addition to headlining a benefit show with The Great Khalid Foundation for the families of the victims of the Walmart massacre in El Paso, Texas. Anastasia has also done many public speaking engagements with high schools, colleges, and corporations focusing on healing trauma and mental illness.

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