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Museboat Live
Free multi-media promotion channel


Explore new regions on Museboat Live. Create your Region website and let your ideas grow.
Become a part of the International family of supporters with free media promotion
for your brand or organization website, blog, group or any other activity.

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What is Museboat Region?

Museboat Region represents a group of at least two people with mutual interests (sport, beauty, health, environment, ...), any activity club, company staff, Facebook group, other civic association, etc.

Everyone can establish Museboat Region and help us with high-level support of fantastic music from around the world just by filling out registration form.

Person who establish Museboat Region (e.g. Museboat Nevada) automaticly becomes its Chairman
and also Exclusive Listener with an access to Exclusive Instore Media Player for free.
Read also Museboat Region FAQ below.

Create Museboat Region

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