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  • Placing .exe files
  • Slendering others
  • Spamming
  • Sexual, rasistic and violent posts

Chatroom is the place not only for making new friends but also for free and effective promotion of your radio show, business or other activities.
We allow and encourage show hosts and chatroom visitors to post promotional direct links, share or tweet specific events to increase their own online presence worldwide in so-called "Listen & Chat Shows". During chat shows you can chat without any registration.

We give administrative rights to radio show hosts to become chatroom moderators with all functions the chatroom offers.
We also provide podcasters with an opportunity to create and embed unique show chatroom directly to their radio show website page.

Chatroom as a way of communication has its own dangers, though.
Find some general rules regarding behaviour in the chatroom below.

Unless you want to contact administrator / moderator of this chatroom, please, do not use / read / answer private messages. There are MANY HATERS OUT THERE trying to sleder others or to spread hateful views.

If someone is sending you annoying or slendering personal messages, please, let us know .
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