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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  What is Top 25 chart on Museboat Live?

Top 25 Music Chart is the list of 25 the most popular songs on Museboat Live nominated by listeners, artists, brand representatives, Museboat team members and other website wisitors.

We feature 25 the best songs on Museboat Live in Andy´s MBMC Top 25 Chart Show every other Wednesday at Top 25 chart music show website page.

  How are top 25 chart songs nominated?

Chart show is based ONLY on votes from radio listeners sent to us from Top 25 chart poll page.

Song on Demand music show is a doorway to Museboat Live top 25 Chart. To nominate favourite song for the show, just send us as many song requests as possible.

Presence and participation in the chatroom will significantly increase the chance that your favorite song will get to the chart.

  How many songs from one artist can get to the chart?

Every artist from 24/7 rotation has opportunity to get only one song to our chart.
Song is nominated by its popularity measured by SONG REQUESTS plays on Mondays.

  Where and how can I vote for my favourite song in top 25 chart?

Open Top 25 chart poll page and find your favourite song in the list. You can vote every day and as many times as you like.

  What Museboat does for artists in the top of the chart?

Every #1, #2 and #3 song in our Top 25 Chart show will get free airplay 8 times every day at the end of every regular music show. All #1 artists will get to our radio Hall of Fame:

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Hall of Fame artists are featured on Museboat Live permanently.

  Can I nominate song I did not find in Musebaot Live 24/7 rotation?

We accept songs only from Museboat Live 24/7 rotation. Please, do not send us song requests for artists we do not play. We simply cannot place them to our chart.

Anyway, you can tell your favourite artists about Museboat live and they can submit their music for airplay and top 25 chart any time.

  How can I support what you do for artists?

You can become honourable PRODUCER of this music show and get announcement before the show start:

This Top 25 Chart Show is Brought to you By:
(Your Name / Company / Organisation Name)

Just provide us with donation of any amount to our PAYPAL account.

Of course, you can support us by sharing, too. Share Top 25 chart show page at your facebook or twitter and help fantastic artists to get their music heard.

  What else should I know about top 25 chart?

Using of robots to send us more votes without visiting our website will result in excluding such votes from our countdown. You bet we will find it out.

  My question is not answered here. How can I ask something?

Send us your question in THIS FORM right now. Do not forget to fill in all relevant details in the form.

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