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Museboat Bulgaria

Free multi-media promotion channel

Listeners / Artists / Brands

Would you like to join Museboat Live team?
We understand that everyone has something unique to contribute, and we offer a variety of ways you can assist.
A degree is not necessary to become a team member... only your enthusiasm and commitment.

Become national website representative
Become Museboat Live Bulgaria Leader
Promote your country. Promote your ideas. Promote online wherever you go.
Become the face of Museboat Live National website worldwide!

National Website Founder is the top Museboat Live Channel representative at national level.
His / hers role is to translate and manage the content of websites in native language, to search for
and accept suitable collaborators, manage site administration, and coordinate the revenue sharing program of all accepted members in the country.

We are looking for a leader with a love of one's own country, who has extensive knowledge and experience of various aspects of life, not only musical but also economic, political, social and others.

This position requires use of various promotional means like Facebook groups, various chat groups, forums, blogs or on other social networks and also close cooperation with Museboat Live Executives
in the assigned promotional area.

Estimated time commitment: 2-5 hours per week

What we will provide to a successful candidates:

• attending international meetings of Museboat Live representatives from all over the world
• free webdesign training
• access to Museboat Live Revenue Sharing Program
• backlink to any desired website page on Museboat Live website
• sharing of their own fundrising or promotional campaigns
• thir own chatroom with admin rights
• guaranteed donor agent position
• affiliate shop page with up to 50% profit share
• free affiliate marketing training
• opportunity to be a guest on air
• marketing video promotion on Museboat TVV channel
• advanced social media support

Requirements will include:

• knowledge and agreement with the channel’s mission statement
• to give LIKE to at least 10 new artists on Museboat Live per every week
• sufficient knowledge of the language of a particular country with emphasis on the most accurate
  translation of the site content
• determination to present own country at international level
• an overview of the events in the country
• basic knowledge of promotional and trading systems in the country, especially advertising systems
• to be able to provide channel information to site and chatroom visitors
• building awareness of how listeners can support the channel
• to put together own events, optimizing social media strategies
• to receive and evaluate feedback from channel visitors

In the training and orientation session, prospective team members will learn about the history, mission, policies and procedures of both, non-commercial and commercial activities of Museboat Live Channel as well as about the volunteer program, the current programming line-up, community outreach, and membership information.

To be considered for the Museboat team member, every applicant must be at least 18 years old.
Every Museboat Live team member can join Museboat Revenue Sharing Programme

How to get involved?
Individuals who believe they can make a strong contribution to our efforts in developing a faith-based media company should reply to this message directly by filling in Application Form below.

Application Form
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Music Shows on Museboat Live   What We Do is an integral part of Museboat Interactive and acts as a free media promotion intermediate between both, music and business. Museboat Interactive is registered Non-Government Organisation listed in the “Civic Associations Section” and has the status of a legal entity backed by business license to earn money for the purpose of fulfilling its own mission.

Museboat is represented by two free media-promotion channels:
Museboat Live
channel and Museboat TV-video channel.

Museboat Live channel is a 24/7 media promotion channel featuring LISTEN & CHAT music shows produced by volunteers. Every artist can submit music for airplay in 24/7 rotation, Instore Music Players or Listen & Chat music shows.

Museboat TV-Video channel is a fan-first destination covering music video, short film, comics, interviews, brand advocacy and other video content that drives conversation and debate.

The main goal of both channels is free multi-media promotion of artists and brands.
Every artist, businessman or nonprofit organization has the opportunity to engage in promotional programs that museboat offers for free.

You can find more about Museboat Live in frequently asked questions page

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