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Artists of the week on Museboat Live   Artist of The Week

RAVENHEART on Museboat LIve


  Stepaside, ENG, UK
  Rock / Heavy Rock / Hard Rock

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Ravenheart(GB) are a unique and powerful band fusing hard rock/metal to produce music which is a darkly gothic and melodious mix, influenced by metal, rock, sci fi, fantasy, horror and the dystopian times we live in. Their sound is built on a solid dynamic and aggressive rhythm section, precise and melodic rhythm guitars add to the grandeur, the soaring and evocative lead guitars increase the intensity and the vocals top it off with a spooky sense of pending danger.

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  San Juan, PR
  Alternative / Rock / Powerpop

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Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society is an alternative rock group based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. “After Hours”, the group’s second full length cd release, is the result of series of recording sessions done at Spellbound Studios, one of the new and upcoming independent music recording studios in the Island. Mastered by Bob Katz from Digital Domain. “After Hours” marks a new direction for the band as they capture its live sound on record which is shown in tracks such as “Red Blue Skies”, “A Certain Madness”, “Do” and “Ride On”. The album is comprised of fourteen songs which reflect musical influences ranging from alternative and classic rock up to power pop, country western and blues.

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MAREK STARX on Museboat Live

  Marek Starx

  East Slovakia, SK
  Alternative / Rock / Powerpop

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Hello and welcome! My bio is quite short: I LOVE MUSIC! That's how it all started many years ago and that's how it still continues. I write, record and sing on an amateur level at home. I've written tons of songs, but I also collaborate with other artists sometimes. I collect my songs and create online playlists (albums). Feel free to listen to my collections. I've had so many musical influences that writing only pop or only electro wouldn't be enough for me, because I LOVE MUSIC!!! Your comments give me the courage to improve my voice and music technically. I am open to all of you and am very thankful to be a part of the wonderful ReverbNation family. It feels like home. New songs, soon!

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  Angela Terace Trippe

  New Windsor, NY
  Alternative / Singer SongWriter / Progressive Rock

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I'm just a Brooklyn USA born Italian girl who loves music.
I have been playing keyboards since I was 3 years old and play, compose, and sing just for me. Music is my passion, it sits right next to God who gives me the blessing to enjoy and play my music. End of story.. I hope you enjoy some of my music as much as I enjoy making it!.. XOXO

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