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Museboat Live
Free multi-media promotion channel

About Us

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About Us is the integral part of Museboat Interactive and acts
as a free media promotion link between both, artists and their supporters. Museboat Interactive is registered Non-Government Organization and has the status of a legal entity backed by business license to earn money for the purpose of fulfilling its own mission. represents two separate free media-promotion channels.

museboat Live channel is a 24/7 media promotion channel featuring
LISTEN & CHAT music shows produced by volunteers. We serve our listeners
by offering a variety of content that is not necessarily provided by the larger commercial promotion websites.

Every artist can submit music for airplay in 24/7 rotation or Listen & Chat music shows. We accept the most know music genres for FREE.

Promoting music only via the Internet, Museboat Live offers direct feedback
from listeners in the website chatroom and via social networks like Facebook, Reverbnation or Twitter. Loggin in the chatroom is cross-media promotion friendly and due to the structure of every 3-hours show replays, listeners are able to reach new content regardless of where they live.

museboat TV-video channel is a fan-first destination covering music video, short film, comics, interviews, brand advocacy and other video content that drives conversation and debate. We accept video submissions from museboat listeners, artists and brands.

One of the most significant benefits of  museboat  channels is free access to all features and services without registration. You can find everything about what we do for listeners, artists and brands in " what we do" section of our website.


museboat was founded in 2010 by a few music enthusiastic volunteers as a result of the common need of free but effective promotion for other artists. Offering free promotional airplay to a huge amount of artists every week, museboat became popular not only for music fans but also for music promoters, A&R scouts, producers and other music professionals worldwide. Since that time, until the present day, museboat offers a wide variety of multi-genre music based on just one simple criteria – music must be good.

At its very beginning, museboat consisted of five dj´s from all around the world with no specific radio headquarters. As opposed to the AM/FM radio stations, constant and scrupulous reviewing, selecting and airing just the best “non-mainstream“ music greatly increased the range of the initial broadcast of museboat multi-genre repertoir. In April 2013, museboat and KBM/P International announced partnership in multimedia projects to help independent artists worldwide, aiming at free promotion and sales support of multi-genre independet music. This included production of three compilation CD´s museboat Digest – Seson Spring, Museboat Digest – Season Summer and Museboat Digest – Season Autumn available on Amazon, iTunes and Bandcamp.

Another big move that museboat took in 2014 was to become the official media partnership to a charity movement known as WE ARE ONE Music Colaboration Initiative, a non-commercial entity to fight homelessness and poverty on the world. WE ARE ONE MCI also introduces a new charitable concept: A unified framework of interconnected charitable live events, happening in different cities. The events are self-reliant, each one tapping on local talent, manpower and resources. Proceeds from those events are always distributed locally, with each event coordinator supporting small extreme poverty charities within their region.

All LISTEN & CHAT shows begin at 10pm London time, which is 11pm in Berlin, 12pm in Athens, 5pm in New York, 4pm in Saint Louis, 2pm in Las Vegas, 7am in Tokio, 7pm in Rio de Janeiro and 9am in Sydney. Every 3-hours the show replay structure allows listeners to reach new content regardless of where they live. When time changes in the Europe, shows begin one hour sooner for a period of two weeks.

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